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JEEVCARE Floor Hygiene Powder - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is JEEVCARE Floor Hygiene Powder (Called JEEVCARE FHP here)?

It is a whitish brownish grayish powder. It is a mixture of minerals and inorganic chemicals.

Q. Is JEEVCARE FHP a pesticide?

No, it is not a pesticide. It may be called a disinfectant but that is only a partial description. It is, in fact, Litter Conditioner + Disinfectant + Deodorant + Plant Growth Promoter.

Q. Where is JEEVCARE FHP manufactured?

It is manufactured by us at Industrial Area, Mandideep, District Raisen, Madhya Pradesh, India. Mandideep is located about 20 km from Bhopal.

Q. What are the ingredients of JEEVCARE FHP?

The ingredients include natural minerals, and inorganic chemicals.

Key elements present in JEEVCARE FHP are as follows (as per test conducted by Shriram Institute For Industrial Research, Delhi):

Element % By Mass
On Dry Basis
Calcium 11.4
Magnesium 0.27
Copper 0.15
Iron 2.1
Aluminium 1.5
Silicon 11.1
Phosphorus 6.2
Sulphur 8.5
Carbon 1.8

Q. Has any veterinary college or independent agency tested JEEVCARE FHP?

College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, MAFSU, Parbhani, Maharashtra, India conducted independent research on "Effect of JEEVCARE Floor Hygiene Powder on Performance of Broilers" in the first quarter of 2008. Jeev Health Care Pvt. Ltd. only supplied JEEVCARE FHP free-of-cost. No sponsorship / financial assistance was provided.

The college found that after six weeks, broilers in pens treated with JEEVCARE FHP had 120g per bird higher weight compared to birds in untreated pens.

Q. How is JEEVCARE FHP different from ammonia binders?

Ammonia binders have a very limited role. Elimination of ammonia is only one of the benefits of JEEVCARE FHP. It has a broad spectrum action that takes care of all aspect of litter hygiene.

Q. What type of poultry farms can benefit from the use of JEEVCARE FHP?

JEEVCARE FHP is useful for all farms based on deep litter system. Broilers are generally kept through out their life cycle on deep litter. Hence, JEEVCARE FHP is most useful for broiler farms. Some layer farms rear young birds up to eight weeks in deep litter. Such layer farms can also benefit from JEEVCARE FHP.

Parent bird farms (based on deep litter) benefit greatly by using JEEVCARE FHP. Lower mortality is the first benefit. Improved hatchability due to low contamination of eggs is the major advantage.

JEEVCARE FHP can also be used for other birds like turkeys, ducks, geese, ostrich, emus, etc.

JEEVCARE FHP is also being used by rabbit farms.

Q. How does JEEVCARE FHP work?

The first and foremost action of JEEVCARE FHP is to absorb moisture from litter as well as from eggs, larvae and bodies of all pathogens, insects, pests and organisms. If one takes JEEVCARE FHP in one's hand, one can immediately feel one's skin tighten due to the drying action of JEEVCARE FHP.

After the drying, the chemical ingredients present absorb ammonia. In addition, the unique combination of ingredients in JEEVCARE FHP creates within litter an environment, which acts as an impediment to the growth of pathogens, insects, pests and other microorganisms.

The action of JEEVCARE FHP, unlike that of a pesticide, does not involve killing of insects, pests and other microorganisms. The method used involves stopping growth instead of killing.

Q. Since JEEVCARE FHP has a drying effect, will it harm the feet of birds walking on it?

No, JEEVCARE FHP does not harm feet of poultry birds in any way.

Q. What are the side effects of JEEVCARE FHP?

There are no known side effects.

Q. What happens if birds eat JEEVCARE Floor Hygiene Powder?

We have observed that birds have a tendency of picking at the powder as soon as it is brought to the pan. However, this does not cause any damage to them.

Q. Is there a chance of JEEVCARE FHP harming the birds in any way?

No, it does not do any harm whatsoever to the birds. No harm or negative result has ever been reported at any of the farms where it has been tried or is being used.

Q. How is JEEVCARE FHP applied?

It is spread with hands on the floor or litter. General rule is to apply 5 g per sq. ft. of pan area on every application. On day one of the life of birds, two layers are applied - one on the floor and one on top of the bedding material. Repeat application (one layer only) is recommended on day 3, day 8, day 15, day 22, day 29, day 36 and so on till culling.

A village woman opening a box of JEEVCARE

Q. Can one increase or reduce the quantity of application?

Yes! A poultry farmer may experiment and arrive at his own level of optimum use based on farm conditions. For example, in farms without any proper flooring and with high level of ground moisture, a higher quantity of usage may be more appropriate.

Q. Is the application of JEEVCARE FHP beneficial in all seasons?

Yes! We have conducted trials in summer when temperatures were soaring up to 45 Celsius and also in winter when night temperatures dropped to less than 10 Celsius. In all cases, farmers gained substantially from the use of JEEVCARE FHP.

Q. What precautions should a poultry worker use while handling JEEVCARE FHP?

It is advisable, though not necessary, to wear gloves while handling JEEVCARE FHP. One must wash one's hands thoroughly after handling JEEVCARE FHP. It must be kept away from the reach of children. Care should be taken to ensure that it does not mix with human food or bird feed.

Q. Workers handling JEEVCARE FHP often report itching or burning sensation on hands? How harmful it is to hands? What can be done to prevent it?

Itching or burning sensation is caused by quick drying action of JEEVCARE FHP. It may also be caused by allergic reaction. Using gloves will prevent this problem completely. In most cases, the itching or burning sensation is temporary and does not cause any injury. Washing hands thoroughly will remove the itching or burning sensation.

A village farm

Q. Is a liquid version of JEEVCARE FHP available?

No, it is not possible to manufacture a liquid version.

Q. Will JEEVCARE FHP work if it is mixed with water and applied as a paste on the floor.

No, the primary action of the powder is to dry litter. Mixing in water stops this primary action. Hence, this is not the way to apply JEEVCARE Floor Hygiene Powder.

Q. What benefits does a poultry farmer get by using JEEVCARE FHP?

A poultry farmer gets the following benefits:

  • Reduction of mortality - In most poultry farms where mortality used to be in the range of 6-10 per cent, use of JEEVCARE FHP led to the mortality falling to 3-5 per cent.

  • Increase in FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio) or Higher Weight Gain with the same feed. Broilers bred in pans using JEEVCARE FHP tend to gain 5-10 per cent extra weight compared to the ones bred in ordinary pans.

  • Reduced Expenditure on antibiotics and other medicines - Birds living in health environment are more healthy and hence need less medicines.

  • Reduced use of bedding material - Some farmers change bedding material (sawdust, rice husk etc.) once or twice during the life of a broiler batch. Need to change bedding material is completely eliminated with use of JEEVCARE Floor Hygiene Powder.

  • Additional Weight of Litter - JEEVCARE FHP adds to the weight of litter. If a farmer uses 70 kg of JEEVCARE Floor Hygiene Powder, the litter weight is increased by 70 kg. If the farmer sells litter, he gets that much extra on account of increased weight.

  • Prevents contamination of eggs - In case of parent bird farms, regular use of JEEVCARE prevents contamination of eggs, thus improving hatchability and disease resistance.

  • Plant Growth Promoter - JEEVCARE FHP increases the efficacy of litter for use in agricultural fields. It adds to litter essential minerals and micro-nutrients that help plants grow and yield better.

Q. Can you assure us that use of JEEVCARE FHP will lead to substantial reduction in mortality and significant increase in weight-gain in birds?

Yes! We can give you every assurance that you need. But, of course, there is no substitute to trying out the product yourself in your own farm under actual conditions. Please contact us for trial in your farm.

Q. You recommend use from Day 1. But my chicks are already 15 days old. Can I use JEEVCARE FHP now?

Yes, you can use JEEVCARE FHP even now. Of course, you will not derive the full benefits, but there will be some benefit for sure.

Q. How much JEEVCARE FHP is needed for 1000 broilers?

It is dependent on the pan area. We recommend 5g / sq. ft. (approx. 50g / sq.m) of pan area. Often, birds are kept in a small area for the first two weeks and then spread to larger area. Based on the practices followed, the usage may vary. However, in general, one can say that about 70 kg is sufficient for 2500 birds kept in two pans with total area of 2000 sq. ft.

As a thumb rule, it can be said that about 28 kg of JEEVCARE FHP is needed for complete life cycle of 1000 broilers.

Q. In monetary terms, what is the benefit to a broiler farmer who uses 70 kg of JEEVCARE FHP for 2500 birds?

Monetary benefits depend on the average culling weight and farm-gate price of birds in the market.

Considering that mortality is lower by at least three points, and that birds pick up around 7 per cent extra weight, the monetary benefit on account of reduced mortality and increased weight (ignoring other benefits) has been estimated to be as follows:

Country Average Weight
At Culling

Average Farm-gate Price
Of Live Chicken

Local Currency / kg
Monetary Benefits
On 2500 Birds

Local Currency
India 1.200 INR 30 INR 7,200
Pakistan 1.500 PKR 80 PKR 23,400
Bangladesh 1.500 BDT 60 BDT 17,550
Philippines 2.000 P 65 P 24,700
Malaysia 2.000 RM 3.5 RM 1,330
USA 2.483 USD 1.54 USD 716

The above monetary benefits are indicative only and should not be considered as a direct or indirect commitment.

Q. Should a farmer stop using vaccination and/or antibiotics if he is using JEEVCARE FHP?

No! We do not advise any cuts in vaccination or antibiotics. Every poultry farmer must consult and follow his veterinary doctor for specialized advice in this regard.

Q. We are trying to achieve low levels of pesticide and antibiotic residues in our poultry products. Can JEEVCARE FHP help us achieve low residues?

Yes! You may be able to cut down on pesticide and antibiotic residues. However, we suggest that you consult your veterinary doctor before making any cuts in antibiotics.

Q. My poultry farm is in a residential area? Residents of the area have been pressing me to close the farm due to bad odour from the farm. Will use of JEEVCARE FHP solve my problem?

Yes! Many poultry farmers are using JEEVCARE FHP to solve the problem of bad odour. Passing by a poultry farm that uses JEEVCARE FHP, one cannot even make out whether there is a poultry farm in the area. No-stink-farm is good not only for residents of the area but also for staff of the poultry farm.

Q. Does JEEVCARE FHP protect from bird flu / avian flu?

We believe that it does. It is a well-established scientific fact that people living in clean, hygienic environment are less prone to fall sick. For example, tuberculosis is rampant in slums of developing countries while it has been almost eradicated from the developed world. Similarly, birds living in filthy, stinky litter are prone to all diseases including avian flu and other such deadly diseases, while healthy birds living on litter treated with JEEVCARE FHP are more likely to resist infections and pathogens including Avian Influenza A (H5N1) virus. Of course, JEEVCARE FHP is no substitute for either vaccination or any medication that your doctor might prescribe.

Q. How is JEEVCARE FHP different from other litter conditioners sold by some European companies?

Differences can be summed up as follows:

  • Broad Spectrum Action - JEEVCARE FHP has a broad spectrum action. It acts as a disinfectant, desiccant, deodorizer - attacking the problem of litter hygiene from all possible fronts, while other litter conditioners have a limited scope of action.

  • No Lime - Most other litter conditioners have a high percentage of lime (Calcium Oxide / Calcium Hydroxide / Calcium carbonate). JEEVCARE FHP has no lime.

  • Poultry Special - JEEVCARE FHP has been especially formulated and extensively tested for use in poultry farms. Other litter conditioners target every segment of animal rearing industry.

  • Use from Day 1 - Due to its special formulation for poultry, we recommend that JEEVCARE FHP be used from Day 1. Some other litter conditioners recommend that their product be used from 2nd week onwards. Maximum mortality in poultry occurs during the first two weeks and that is the time when JEEVCARE FHP is on the job helping farmers by reducing mortality.

  • Low usage rate - Other litter conditioner manufacturers recommend usage of 100g/sq.m/week. Except for first week, the recommended rate of usage of JEEVCARE FHP is just about half of that.

  • Plant Growth Promoter - JEEVCARE FHP increases the efficacy of poultry litter for use in agricultural farms. This is something that is unique to JEEVCARE FHP.